Keep Your Livestock Safe and Sound

Install an electric fence around your property

When your livestock is your livelihood, you need to make sure they don't find a way off of your property. ABC Fence Builders LLC can help you protect your livestock with electric fence installation services. We work with clients throughout Burlington and Greensboro, NC.

By choosing us, you can get a durable electric fence for a competitive price. Reach out to our locally owned company today to get a free estimate.

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Benefits of installing an electric fence

There are many advantages of installing an electric fence. Not only do they help contain a wide variety of livestock, including sheep, horses and cattle, but they're also:

  • Safe - The electric shock from our fences won't hurt your livestock or damage their hides or pelts.
  • Durable - Our electric fences can last upwards of 25 years if properly maintained.
  • Affordable - electric fence wire can cost 10% than traditional four-rail board fences.

Ready to upgrade to an electric fence? Set up an appointment with our team today.